Hey! I’m Kerri. I’m a multidisciplinary designer, marketer and maker. My background is in digital marketing, but I love to try and do all-the-things.

I’m a mom to Finn and a lover of all things design, coffee and surf culture. 🏄🏼‍♀️

These are some of the things that I’ve created and spend my time on!

Have a question about these or want to connect on something else? Let’s chat!



Plan your wedding like a professional without hiring a professional. Get Wed is a digital course all about where to begin with wedding planning to save time, money and stress and the tools you need to keep it all organized and chill.



Premium five-panel hat style for the under-two crew.✌️

Designed and handmade in Canada - these hats offer a flexible brim and soft fabrics for fresh little noggins.


the women that i know podcast

the women that i know is a podcast built on a passion project: interviews with women in my personal network that are doing cool things and making big moves (ie. - pushing through scary things) with their own passions and careers.

From chefs, to UX designers, to coffee shop owners; I ask the curious questions to understand the stories, the successes, and the struggles that these women have experienced to get where they are today.

It’s all about the advice and the learning behind the scenes to help other women in their own career journeys.